If you’re on this page, you’ve read or glanced by my blog.  Hello. 🙂

My name is Naissa, and I am a vegetarian from Texas.  I know, ironic, right?  I wanted to create a blog to get my thoughts and ideas out there.  It’s something I have wanted to do for a while and hopefully I will soon enough have interesting adventures to start blogging about.  After an insanely long journey, I will finally be graduating college in May.  As any college student or graduate knows, this is a confusing time for most of us.  If you’re in college, new on the job market, or just another person trying to figure out how to make this world a better place, I would love to hear from you!

Take care.




I wrote that introduction almost 10 years ago (2012 to be exact).  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.  I was going to delete the content and start over, but I figured I’d leave it there to remind myself of the naive, audacious and adventurous girl that I was.  Not that I have none of those qualities now, but 22-years-old is a very precious time in anybody’s life.  Real world responsibilities and experiences haven’t really hit you yet, and you’ve still got a world of dreams waiting to be conquered.

Since the post above, I have finished graduate school, started a Ph.D. program, moved to another city and decided I wanted to get into Occupational Therapy (while still aiming to finish my doctorate degree–ay!).  I wasn’t kidding when I said I wasn’t still the same adventurous girl I used to be, lol.  I lost my mom in 2015, and every single thing I have done with my life since then has been because of her or for her.  I want to better myself every single day because she raised me to leave anything I touched better than what it was before–a notion that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I suck at blogging, not going to lie.  I know so many bloggers who dedicate so much of themselves to their incredible blogs and I wish my time management skills were half as good.  I promise (myself) to keep up with this blog, to meet new people because of this blog, and to try and spread some sort of positivity through these posts.  I think we owe that to each other.

Take care.



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