Opry Goes Pink: 2019

Every year, the iconic Grand Ole Opry hosts Opry Goes Pink in October.  Proceeds from ticket sales benefit organizations in the fight against breast cancer. It’s an incredible cause, and you get to enjoy an amazing lineup in the process.  Well, this year, the lineup was MASSIVE.  Craig Morgan, Travis Tritt, Sara Evans, and LUKE BRYAN performed on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.  I’ll be totally honest, Luke sold me on purchasing the ticket, but that lineup was enough to make even the most lackluster country music fan smile for the entire evening.


There was an older couple to my right, the husband was ex-military, and the older couple on my left were in law enforcement.  It was nice being next to people who have dedicated their lives to service.

Craig Morgan started the show wearing a bright pink sweater and with very vivid enthusiasm. His energy gave off such a grateful vibe, and you could tell he was very thankful to be there.  Travis Tritt took the stage right after, and boy did people start cheering when that iconic chorus came on. After all, it was definitely a great day to be alive.


Luke Bryan performed after Craig Morgan, and boy did he perform.  I’ve seen Luke a few times now (5, I think), and every concert is special.  His enigmatic charisma and sweet charm is so contagious through every performance.  There was one woman screaming her lungs out in the front and he looked at her and said “Mama?” It was the cutest moment.

He started his segment with Most People Are Good from his “What Makes You Country” album (2017).


He took a few moments to honor those who have been affected by breast cancer, and before belting out a few more hits, he closed his segment with the incredibly emotional song “Drink A Beer,” which he wrote to honor his late brother. The entire Opry audience sang the chorus with him as he sat on the piano and sang his heart out. To say it was an emotional moment would be a severe understatement.


Missouri girl Sara Evans closed the show, and what a closer she was. Evans has such a unique voice, and no matter how many times you have heard her hits on the radio, listening to them live makes them sound that much better. I’d never seen her before, and she definitely did not disappoint.


I’m so grateful to have been in the audience for this show. I was questioning whether I should go because I knew I’d be very tired at work the following day, but it was absolutely worth it.

Any visit to the Opry is a magical one.

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