Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Products:

I am such a huge fan of Kylie Jenner’s makeup products.  I have more Lip Kits and singles than I could possibly need (shameful, I know), but I really cannot hype her products enough.  The formula has improved so much since her initial launch, and the colors of every individual piece of makeup are SO pigmented, that the smallest amount goes a very long way.  More bang for your buck!  Most importantly, Kylie Cosmetics products are NOT tested on animals!

The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection launched last week, and I made sure to snag my spot in line online (yes, that’s a thing) to snag a few of the items that I’d had my eye on since her product reveal a few days ago.

  • Let It Glow Ultra Glow
  • Snow Cute metallic lipstick
  • You’re Perfect perfecting powder

Thankfully, I was able to grab all the products before they sold out!  As usual, the packaging for the products was just as cute as the makeup itself.  Icy blue boxing with metallic, glittering snowflakes adorned the box of the perfecting powder, and shining snowflakes laminated the Ultra Glow.  Very festive!

The perfecting powder, for those of you who like to “bake” your makeup, would be best put on before adding your translucent powder.  It’s a very beige, neutral tone, and with proper blending can go on pretty invisibly.  I use it under my eyes, on my nose and right in the middle of my forehead to add a brightening effect.

Holiday 8.jpg

Holiday 7.jpg


The Ultra Glow does EXACTLY what its name says….that baby GLOWS.


Holiday 6.jpg

Holiday 5.jpg

Finally, the Snow Cute lipstick!  This was my favorite product out of the items I ordered.

Holiday 3.jpg

Holiday 4.jpg

The lipstick itself is extremely shiny, but despite its glittering effect, the formula is very, very creamy.  I used the Coconut liner, Bare lip single combo right before adding Snow Cute on top of it for a bit of a shimmer.  Perfect for the holidays.

Holiday 1.jpg

Holiday 2.jpg

I definitely recommend this collection for anybody who wants to add a little glitter to their holiday season!


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