Musicians and Happiness

Isn’t it funny how an artist can make our mood go from miserable and pissed off to happy and carefree? Music is such a vital part of our lives, and I think a lot of us take that for granted.  Imagine going a day without hearing a snippet of ANY song.  Drive your car in silence.  Leave Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora off for a day.  Stay out retail stores because they play various music in those vicinities. Weird huh?

Music is an anti-depressant for a lot of people.  I’m not a psychiatrist, but I’m betting to say it’s an anti-depressant for 99 percent of the population.  Melodies, rhythm and lyrics have a way of making you understand yourself a lot better than you thought possible.

My go-to artist whenever I need a quick boost is Luke Bryan. Granted, I have MANY artists that I listen to when I need to feel better.  Eminem, Britney, Selena, Dierks Bentley and Bon Jovi are a few. Luke Bryan’s music is very upbeat, catchy and plain ol’ fun. He always manages to put a smile on my face.

Luke Bryan 2 copy.jpg

I met him in Dallas in 2016. See what I mean when I said he puts a smile on my face? I was grinning so hard, my face hurt!

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