Summer, summer, summer!

In four months we will be getting ready to celebrate Halloween. Keep in mind that four months ago we were all stuffing our faces with chocolate celebrating our lack of a love life because it was Valentine’s Day (or was that just me?). Anyway, what I am trying to get at is my fear for time evacuating our lives so quickly, and how I’ve slowly realized that time, like our age, isn’t really a thing to be concerned about. Yes, we get older, but who gives a shit? Does that make us any less fun, or wise? No. I’ve stopped worrying about time because all it does is stress me out. “Oh my God I need next month’s car payment” have become constant staples in my head the day after I just gave the payment that was due. Why not worry about things as they arrive as opposed to spending a perfectly fine and beautiful day worrying about it?

Just a thought.