Houston @ Dallas:

Well, despite what many people thought would be a flop game for the Dallas Cowboys, they came out on top in an overtime victory against the Houston Texans.

The first quarter of the game was solid football. No points on the scoreboard, defense attacking offense for a few minutes, until the end of the second when Dallas was up 3-nothing.

DeMarco Murray had his fourth fumble of the season, and despite that, still managed to solidify his 5th game with 100+ yards. If he stays at this pace for two more games, he’ll be the first play in the NFL to do so.

Dan Bailey finally broke his streak, and hey, it was bound to happen. However, he made up for nearly costing the game by essentially winning the game in overtime.

Jason Witten also made history by becoming the third TE in history to make 10,000 receiving yards.

All in all, it was a great day to be a Cowboys fan!



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