My Captain America tattoo:

Yesterday as I got out of work, I started thinking about the tumultuous journey my mom has been on.  I started remembering the first day of her chemo treatment, and smiled because I found the journal I kept when I was waiting with her.  I drew Captain America and Thor to keep myself busy for those few hours.  I realized that Marvel movies were the one thing that always made me happy throughout this journey.  I spent my days in the hospital with my mom wearing any and all the Marvel tops that I had.  I decided to solidify my happiness by getting a Captain America shield tattoo yesterday.  It isn’t done yet, and I asked that the middle red circle be thicker so that I can write something in it later.  I don’t know the word to describe the journey perfectly, not yet, anyway.  Looking at it always reminds me to be brave.

I love it.

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