Food Bank Fun:

Today marks my third day with the food bank, and it is pretty safe to say that I really like it!  The people here are very polite and welcoming, and I hope that I form great friendships with my coworkers.  I will admit that it is a bit odd considering I do not technically work for the food bank, but I am sure that feeling will subside eventually.

If anybody out there has questions pertaining to VISTA, please feel free to ask me!

New Journey:

Right now I am sitting at Gate 3 of the Corpus Christi International Airport headed to Denver, Colorado. I’m on my way to a training with my new job that is sponsored by the AmeriCorps program. Have any of you heard of it? It’s called AmeriCorps VISTA, and they strongly emphasize giving back to the community. I always said that after I graduated college I wanted to do something that makes a difference, and hopefully this job will allow me to do just that. I’m a little apprehensive because I have no idea what to expect from my time in Denver, and I am definitely going to miss my dogs during the week that I am gone, but I know this will be good for me. I haven’t been out of my comfort zone for a while, and it’s about time to change that up.

If anybody has served as a VISTA, please tell me your experience and what to expect!