There’s A Petition on the White House Wesbite Asking for Justin Bieber’s Deportation:

Look, I think he’s a punk.  His perfumes smell amazing, but he can be a little shit.  Anyway, while I do think that he needs to be taught a lesson other than the Lindsay Lohan jail punishment, I also wish that people would get angry about things that do not pertain to pop stars too.  This entire Justin Bieber thing was going on at the same time that dolphins in Japan were being slaughtered barbarically, and around the same time that another young man in Florida was gunned down for looking “like a thief.”

I know that Bieber put lives at risk, starting with his own and the self-proclaimed “model” who was riding in the car with him.  However, why don’t people get just as angry over other things as well?  Imagine the outcry we could all create if we put just as much passion into something other than getting a Canadian punk shipped back to Canada!

Drunk drivers, all of them, buzzed drivers, tipsy drivers, whoever, you all really need to think long and hard about your actions before setting foot in any car again.  That shit will not only change your life forever, it could destroy a family forever too.  I think Justin is going to get a slap on the wrist after all this.  There are stories saying he “wasn’t even drunk” and that he was “framed.” Regardless, his previous drug possession issues and recently egging his neighbors home should have gotten him a spanking a long time ago.

It’s amazing how money can make even your own parents fear disciplining you.



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