Nothing is more depressing than emptying your car that you have grown so attached to.

The Dodge Challenger has always been my dream car.  The modernized retro body is something that I fell in love with since Dodge brought up the idea of bringing back the car in late 2006.  When I became the proud owner of a blue (used) Dodge Challenger, I could not be more elated.  I have never been one of those prissy bitches who just HAD TO HAVE a new car.  A used car was fine to me.  I take care of my things and figure that if I treated it well, it would do the same for me.  Sadly, my blue car that I proudly named Optimus Prime did not treat me so well.  He started dying in the most horrible places, like out in the middle of busy intersections while on my way to work during rush hour morning traffic.  I dealt with it at first, but it became too much.  I went to a dealership yesterday and discussed terms to trade in my older Challenger for a new one.  Much to my negativity and feeling of “you’ll be declined,” I got approved!  I went in alone with my little brother.  I’m so used to doing things for myself, I guess.  The funny thing is that my car died right when I got to the dealership.  It’s like he was telling me goodbye or something.  It was so sad.  I just hope his new owners take as good care of him as I did.  I named my 2014 Challenger Thor.  He is red and beautiful.  My car payment went up, as I still owed on my blue one, but I deserved it, damn it.  I deserved something new and mine first for once.

This is Thor and I love him so much:





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