Well, hello 2014.

While I sit here typing and thinking about how old I feel, I want to say that I hope all of you had an amazing Holiday season.  This always seems to be the least enjoyable part of the year.  We all get so excited for Christmas and the New Year, then it’s all over within a week.  It’s kind of sad. 😦

Last night before midnight, I sat down and opened my journal for the last time in 2013.  Usually I write down all the things I did not get to accomplish throughout the year, and sort of vow to myself that I will get them done the following year.  I decided to change that.  Instead of being mopey about what I didn’t do, I wrote down all the things that I did do that were amazing.  I read the list back at myself and felt accomplished in the things I had done without even realizing I had done them.  I suggest you do this.  Every memory that you can think of that made you happy, write it down!  You’ll feel very proud of yourself.

Here’s to an amazing 2014!



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